Food industries

Food industries


The main responsible figures in food industries often ask our teams to follow all the standards imposed by regulations, as expressed in the HACCP system.

Frequently, food industries are also obliged to follow some more requirements, in order to work in Italian and international large-scale distribution. Those standards are imposed by international quality systems, such as Global Standard for Food Safety (BRC) or International Featured Standard (IFS). All the requests manufacturers usually make to pest control companies can qualify them, under an Integrated Pest-management point of view. The exterminator and its role are redefined: he’s not only a trap controller, but also a real and valuable consultant which could give you advice to choose the best way to handle pests. Some of them include:

Deep inspections
Structural prevention plans
Pest monitoring plans
Application of the best chemical control strategy
Results check
System review

Therefore, managing documents is crucial, it constitutes the base of the pest control service provider: procedures, regular reports, insights, detailed reports, reviews, risk assessments


Food packaging is not part of food industry. Indeed, in ISTAT rating, this business is located in different categories due to the nature of materials (wood, paper, cardboard, plastic, glass, metal).

By the way, it’s important to underline that there’s a link between food and food packaging. That’s the reason why there could be some hygienical or sanitary problems shared by a food packaging company and a food industry.

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