Bio disinfestation and bedbugs control

Cimex lectularius (bedbugs) bio disinfestation

This problem affects more and more hotel owners, who feel worried about that and about all the huge damages caused by bedbugs. Apart from these problems, they also incur severe expenditure and their reputation is obviously (and undeservedly) dented. We are talking about Cimex lectularius pests, better known as bedbugs.

Before proceeding, we would like to highlight that this problem is not directly linked to bad hygiene conditions in hotels, even though a proper and preliminary monitoring action could minimize, or even prevent, pests.

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Some of the main causes of contagion are due to the presence of eggs or larvae in guests’ luggage and clothes. Next, they could be carried by furniture or ornaments coming from high-risk countries, contact with birds, rodents and other animals, as well.

We don’t use any chemicals to operate, that’s why our methods are not risky, neither for your guests nor for humans. It’s completely eco-friendly and it is effective on eggs, too.

There’s no room stop, indeed as soon as we finish our intervention, every area will be immediately accessible. Drainage phase lasts about sixty minutes (in each room), anyway the time we need is directly connected to the level of infestation.

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