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Rodent control services

Rodent control - or deratization - consists of getting rid of rats and mice by qualified teams of experts, capable of using products and techniques suitable for controlling these pests.

Mice and rats constitute a serious risk for humans’ health. Several studies highlighted that they might be infected by many species of parasites or agents in animal population, becoming pests themselves.
Mice and rats breed very quickly.
Each female could give birth to 4, up to 12 creatures, until 35 times during her lifetime. Mice reach sexual maturity just when they’re 2 or 3 months old. This is the reason why, in a short time, a few of them could create a huge colony.

In Italy the most common species are: Rattus norvegicus, Rattus rattus, Mus domesticus.

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Our rodent control services suit any client’s needs. After an inspection and an analysis of the area and of the pest situation, our expert team will offer you a solution.

Prevention is the best defence

Siva takes action not only if there’s a real problem, but also developing complete prevention and monitoring plans. In this way, our clients don’t have to worry about pests and all the damages they provoke.

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