Insect disinfestation

Flying insects might be very annoying and cause several damages

We often give up relaxing on our terrace or garden, just to avoid mosquitoes, tiger mosquitoes or wasps stings, or even not to be bothered by flying insects. Instead, for firms, this kind of insects could be particularly harmful, especially if they contaminate food or their products.

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Indoor and outdoor disinfestation

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If you want to handle and solve flying insects problems, it’s necessary to ask for disinfestation companies’ help.

Siva has been working for more than 70 years throughout Italy, taking action in gardens and green areas thanks to our specialised and expert team and our professional devices. They all grant effective solutions anywhere, such as houses, manufacturing plants, bars, restaurants and laboratories.

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How to avoid mosquitoes

If you want to protect yourself from mosquitoes, the main precaution you should have is trying to prevent egg laying and the larvae growth. In order to do that, it’s necessary to take action on the water habitats that we create ourselves, in a direct or indirect way.

  • Try to remove every bowlwhich might fill up with waterif left outside in the rain, such as metal bins without a lid, paint buckets, broken bottles, unused washbasins or bathtubs, abandoned tires and so on.
  • If it’s not possible to get rid of this kind of container, you can intervene in two different ways: both draining it at least once a week, especially in spring or summertime or covering the opening with a fine meshlike a mosquito net. In this way, you’ll keep mosquitoes away from water, where they usually lay eggs.
  • If you have tubs or ornamental fountains, it’s highly suggested to put into them some predators, like a goldfish (which resists quite well to temperatures, even in wintertime) or a mosquito fish. Likewise, frogs, both tadpoles and adults, may be useful.
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