Coronavirus sanitisation

Coronavirus Emergency

Coronavirus persistence on inanimate surfaces.

The available scientific evidence showed that every kind of Coronavirus, even the ones that are responsible for Covid-19, could remain on inanimate surfaces. This might happen in ideal conditions, concerning both moisture and temperature, up to nine days. At the same time, the abovementioned virus can be effectively inactivated, using appropriate sanitisation procedures. They all involve ordinary disinfectants, commonly used in hospitals, such as sodium hypochlorite, ethanol or hydrogen peroxide, for a sufficient contact time.

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Professional sanitisation

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Nowadays, it’s crucial to underline that it’s important to combine both good hygiene practices, cleaning procedures and a professional sanitisation intervention.

Every approach we use will be tailored, according to your needs and specifications.
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Our intervention methods

Our intervention methods are into line with the Protocol regulating the measures in order to control and contrast the spread of Covid-19 virus in the workplace undersigned on April 24th , 2020, by our government and its social partners, as transfused in annex 12 of the operative Prime Minister’s decree.
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