Plant-health measures

Plant pests control through endotherapy treatments

Endotherapy is an effective method which can be used for every kind of plant, especially for ornamental ones. This kind of treatment consists of injecting into the trunk some specific substances in order to attack pests.

In this way, it’s possible to take advantage of the rising sap, which carries water and mineral salts to each plant’s cell.

Endotherapy is really an effective method, moreover it doesn’t eject any biocidal product, so it doesn’t cause damage neither to plants, nor to humans and animals.

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We can use endotherapy for different kind of interventions:

Against Processionaria del Pino

Against Pine Processionary

Against red palm weevil

Against linden tree Aphid

Weeds control

Siva can make weeds control intervention in non-agricultural, industrial, cemetery areas and so on, using proper products.

All our technicians have permission to use plant-health products.

Our team is completely available for any doubt or inspection

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