It’s a service granted exclusively to Italy for pest management field. It can be paired with our integrated services offers, that are addressed to food companies. And secure protection.

Regulatory update service for food industry companies

Normativa Alimentare® is the reference software for every legislative and health update. It’s a fundamental device to support all the food, food packaging, logistic & distribution companies. In particular, they’ll be able to provide evidence to their clients and to GSFI certifications of their constant updates.

It was developed and edited by professional food consultants and law experts, specialised in web-based technology. It allows you to check your database whenever you want, with any device, always keeping updated on the latest and selected regulations and on food alerts.

An online service not to lose all the weekly regulations, in order to prevent every kind of sanctions

There are weekly food publications concerning national and community regulations. They also include the latest news about health alerts or products withdrawals from the market.

They’ll be useful not to lose important facts concerning food industry, necessary to grant and respect the product’s quality and safety system conformity. They all will help you not to incur heavy sanctions.