Our company assists different food industries, which might be involved in international markets. They all could be ruled by a complicated system of mandatory regulations and certificate requests, as well.
Concerning Pest Management processes, we selected SIVA as a suitable partner, thanks to its expertise, flexibility and accountability. All these aspects constitute the core of our modus operandi, so they perfectly fit our clients’ needs.

MK GROUP – Hotel Specialist Services

In Tuscany, Centre and Northern Italy, Siva constitutes a M&K Group branch, as it combines its long-lasting experience, ground-breaking strategies and complicated processes which are absolutely necessary to work in hospitality.
&K Group was created in 1990. It takes care of professional services for hospitality. Over time, they developed their competence through an intensive training, becoming a reliable and unique partner of many Hotels around the country. Its trump card is its strong determination in choosing always the best chemicals ever, as well as making research about ground-breaking technologies. Thus, they could make their best performances ever. By the way, their primary goal has always been environmental safeguard, so they still prefer low footprint products.

MELLIVORA – Pest management & consulting

We have been working with Dr. Davide di Domenico for many years. He is a biologist and entomologist, expert in urban Ecology, eco-friendly and low impact methods for pests control specialist in urban areas, in food, animal and medical industries. He is able to easily recognise the main pests and parasites, their ethology, the way they tend to develop and how to prevent their spread. Dr. Davide di Domenico is a wood insects expert and knows perfectly which is the best way to control them in an ecological way.