Of good hygiene practices and environmental protection

SIVA IGIENE AMBIENTALE SRL is a long-lasting firm (the first projects go back to the early 50’s) which has been working for ages in disinfestation and rodent control, in urban areas and much more. Siva srl increased its expertise thanks to several collaborations with different public authorities. They allowed us to approach a broader market, so that we could offer our services to many private companies, food business included. As we take care of disinfestation, our main goal is respecting all the necessary regulations, which are always shared with our clients. In this way we can be sure we follow all the internal procedures regulating the product management. SIVA IGIENE AMBIENTALE SRL is engaged in protecting the environment, pollution prevention included. We also follow an environmental policy aimed at respecting mandatory and voluntary regulations.

While determining our own policy, SIVA IGIENE AMBIENTALE SRL considered the following issues:

  • Constant research, trying to fulfil all the explicit and implicit requests of our clients, both mandatory and set by our company
  • Constant improvement of all the internal processes, environmental management system improvement in order to enhance our environmental performances
  • Logical process which keeps its efficiency, following our nature and the one of our products and services, respecting our mantra, reducing environmental footprint during our processes and according to the mandatory regulations
  • We are engaged in respecting every legal requirement, above all the ones we subscribed, regarding the environmental issues
  • Meets our clients' needs and wishes.
  • Sharing our goals and results, achieved thanks to our team
  • Possible support of our provider/regulatory authorities
  • Hygiene and safety requirements, established in order to grant suitable work conditions, according to the mandatory regulations
  • Respecting the basic ethical principles, both towards our internal team and our providers, in particular concerning cultural and ethnic integration.
  • Constant market requests under a qualitative, technological and economical point of view. Particular attention is reserved to environmental care.
  • Use of renewable resources, mitigation and adaptation to climate change, biodiversity and ecosystems protection

Moreover, Siva srl is committed to its staff, working in Siva and protecting their health and safety. We give evidence of:

  • Our strong commitment to health and safety on workplace
  • Our strong commitment to reduce and prevent risks, accidents and injuries
  • Safety employees’ activities direction (Direzione nella Gestione delle attività legate alla Sicurezza dei Lavoratori SSL), established the following guidelines:

    • Commitment in respecting the SSL regulations, developing targeted procedures, constant updates according to the previous regulations, collaborations with expert in safety if necessary.
    • Training activities organisations, scheduling yearly training specific courses, in order to raise awareness in SSL issues, considered as the main system of regulations
    • Considering SSL and its issues as our firm issues
    • Keeping improving in preventing safety, through preventing actions in order to handle specific projects and SSL programs and goals
    • Involving and including our employees concerning SSL issues
    • Scheduling projects and sharing SSL goals, accomplishing them in year plans
    • Maintaining our Policy aligned with our company and internal development, checking them periodically

Siva Igiene Ambientale SRL commitment is respecting all the mandatory requirements and specifics, respecting environment, keeping it safe using proper products and devices aligned with our field’s technical specifics (UNI EN 16636:2015) and e della norma UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 regulation. Our company is deeply involved in choosing the best tools and in improving its services, in order to reduce the mistakes we could do and the use of products which might be dangerous for our employees, clients or environment. We are constantly making research about low environmental impact and low hazard substances. This is combined with our determination to improve ourselves. Siva Igiene Ambientale SRL seeks to its clients’ fulfilment. We have a deep sensitivity and respect for environmental issues, renewable resources and UNI EN ISO 14001:2015 e 45001:2018 regulations.

SIVA IGIENE AMBIENTALE SRL is engaged in strengthening the social heritage and its richness in order to grant return on investment and the introduction of ground-breaking technologies. In this way we have the chance of staying at the top of the market pyramid in our field of expertise. This is a plus for our clients, as they’ll find a reliable partner, which is economically viable, respectful towards environment and safety and which can meet their needs.

We are totally respecting our employees, third parties, environment and ethical principles’ safety. Indeed, Siva Igiene Ambientale SRL believes that it’s not possible to achieve any goal without a total respect towards people and environment. This is the reason why our main goal is to respect our Safety management System and its procedures, in order to grant our team’s health.

Our company is engaged in choosing the best providers ever, which are able to ensure high-quality products, good hygiene conditions and respect for mandatory regulations.

Last, we underline our strong commitment to respect different cultures and religions and include foreign citizens. As declared, Siva has increased the number of its employees avoiding every attitude which might exclude any ethnic, local or religious groups.

Considering the information provided by the Quality and Environment System Responsible, every year our General Director reviews and updates its own Policy, goals and every related indicator, to ensure their constant effectiveness.

Via della Resistenza n.6, Vicchio (FI) 18/10/2019

Pierluigi Noferini
Direzione Generale