Our story started more than 70 years ago. We are one of the few companies in Italy gaining a long-lasting experience in woodcare. Our team of professionals is highly trained and qualified, so that we can take action with different approaches, according to the problem we need to solve.

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Our company has a wide range of techniques, suitable for any occasion, or even to be combined with another one. There isn’t just a suitable technique for every situation.

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Diagnosis, care, guarantee

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Preliminary diagnosis:during this step, our team of technicians will make a precise inspection of wood, in order to check the presence of possible attacks by external agents. We will also identify the type of attack and the relevance of the damage.

Ecological microwave technology

Warm air insufflation interventions

Siva “beams-saver”

HPI injection interventions


Our team is at your complete disposal for every doubt and available for inspections everywhere throughout Italy.

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Visit our AntiTarli website
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